My Hope – Daycare Center for Underprivileged Children in Akrabad

This project was started in 2020 when India was quarantined during the covid pandemic. Yes, it’s a fact that 1.3 billion people did not go out for several months during quarantine. But no one considered how many poor people were left without a livelihood while the whole country was put on pause.

Therefore, many families could no longer get together for dinner or lunch, because they ran out of money. “That’s it! I lost my job, ” – the father told his family after a short phone call with his boss. Can you feel the same pain from hunger that his children feel? Though just a couple of weeks ago, his whole family could enjoy snow-white rice and spicy lentil stew.

Our Indian team has received authorization from the authorities. Therefore, we were able to enter the quarantined slums and distribute food there. We bought tons of rice, oil, beans, and flour. Our team made food packages and went to distribute them. We knocked on the doors of houses and we were welcomed by Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims. Think about this! We were able to feed thousands of poor families. Therefore, thousands of poor families heard about Christ at the darkest time of their lives.

Tell me, have you ever lost your job? Then you can understand what the Indians are experiencing when they were left without a livelihood while the whole country was in quarantine. People have lost not only their income, but they’ve also lost hope for a better future. And we know that in the most difficult time of life, every person must have hope in God to overcome all difficulties.

Therefore, we named this project My Hope. And now we are doing much more than we did before the covid pandemic. We rented a house where our team gathers children every day. We provide food for them, buy them clothes and educate them. Our children grow up and understand more and more who Christ is.

Friends, would you like to help us in this project? Our children need financial support every month. Together with you, we will feed the children of the poor and clothe them. Together with you, we will rejoice when the boys and girls learn how to read and write in Hindi. But most importantly, you will see that we bring children to Christ, and they will grow up to be successful people. Become our partner in good works today!

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Give a helping hand to the children to help them out of the poverty trap.

Kids enjoy studying in our center because school is such a fun place to be!

Delicious dinner and an Indian-style dessert – that’s all you need to put a happy smile on the face of a child!

Become a Partner Today
Become a Partner Today



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