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In India, 30% of the population never went to school. Who are the illiterate? They are foreigners in their own country. Slum children can barely read, because they finish five grades, and after that they find a low-paying job and take care of their families. Sometimes there are no schools in the villages, so people are illiterate, and many people can hardly read. Hindi language looks like an ornate pattern to a beginner: प्रभु यीशु सब से महान प्रभु हैं।

There are 44 letters in the alphabet and each consonant inherits a short sound “a”. The difficulty is that some letters sound almost the same, and when two or three letters are combined, their writing looks very different from the alphabet. So, there are 240 variants of writing different syllables in the Hindi language. The Indian government has opened adult schools in big cities, but adults get tired, they earn money, they care for their families, and they do not think about education.

There are some languages, called tribal languages, which do not yet have a written form. That is why many Indian Christians listen to the Word, and do not read it. Church is the only place where an uneducated person can grow in the Spirit and Truth, but those who did not go to school can’t concentrate for a long time. When we preach, we use bright computer presentations, different materials and even our fingers, so that those who love God can easily remember the Scriptures.

To address this need, we built a Christian school. Now poor children get an education and hear about Christ. But we need more finances to finish the floor, walls and bathrooms. Thanks to your support, destitute children will have access to a high quality education and will be able to break out of the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. Together we can influence generations, raise new leaders and transform society through Christian education. Join us today and start changing lives with us. Together we can do greater things!

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