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What will happen to girls who were sold into sexual slavery in brothels? They will have to give birth to children from their clients, because these children will guarantee a continuous income for the owners of these girls, a gang of pimps. Every woman in a brothel knows what future is prepared for her sons. They will become the next generation of pimps and eunuchs. 

The virginity of their daughters will be sold for nothing to a perverted pedophile. Or their daughters will be raped at a very young age. When clients come to visit prostitutes, their children are there in the same room and see everything. That is why the mothers give their children alcohol or drugs from a very young age to make them drowsy.

Children don’t know their fathers – one of the clients. Prostitutes’ daughters will repeat the life story of their mothers. Our team goes to the red-light areas of Delhi talking to the mothers and building a relationship of trust with them. When mothers make a decision to save their children from their horrible future, they sign legal papers and transfer their children to our care in Salvation House. 

We have built a spacious house for the rescued girls. Now they are free from the horrible future sex traffickers prepared for them. They are no longer the next generation of sex slaves, but they are the next generation of righteousness in Jesus Christ. They all have a broken past, but the power of God transforms them and many of them have been baptized. Salvation House needs your help and monthly support. Join us today and let’s make a difference together.

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In the morning the children are so excited to drive to school.

In the morning the children are so excited to drive to school.

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