Sharon – Children’s Home for Destitute Children in Karnataka

What does it look like when the children’s home has no money? There are no beds in the rooms. There are no mattresses. Local Christians bring rice and vegetables for the starving children.

In the morning kids get watery vegetable soup and a little bit of rice for breakfast before going to school. The pastor’s wife knows how much water to pour into the soup to make enough for every hungry child. They will eat the same food for dinner. And there is nothing for lunch.

The washer broke down, so the pastor’s wife does laundry for all the children by hand. The water pump burned out, so the only source of water is when the neighbor’s roof tank overflows. When that happens, children grab buckets and rush to get the neighbor’s water to bring home.

An abandoned child found his home here. He was born crippled and cannot walk. After his first surgery, he was put into a plaster cast. The second surgery has been completed leaving the boy in an Ilizarov apparatus for 6 months.

We ask you to help the children who lost their childhood twice in their lives. This project needs financial help urgently.

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