The Way of Life – Helping Underprivileged Children in Delhi


Who lives in the slums at the very bottom of society? Those who are brokenhearted and crushed. People living here are uneducated, rejected and poor. They have nothing to eat and nothing to wear. If they manage to get an occasional low paid job, they can buy food for their families. The conditions of life are unhygienic because there is no bathrooms in the slums. Malaria, typhoid, and all kinds of other sickness are taking their toll of lives every day. Delhi Rescue Center is a church in a slum. 70% of the church are the children of the poor and of the street beggars. They experience the power of God and get healed from tuberculosis and many other tropical diseases. God’s move is so powerful amongst the abandoned and the rejected. Recently one homeless woman lost her newborn baby, but she prayed in Jesus’ name and the baby came back to life! This miracle has become a great testimony and strengthened the faith of many people.

The church gathers in a tiny room. Those who come early will find a place to sit. Others will have to stand at the door, or sit outside on the stairs. The hunger to hear the message is so strong! We can’t afford to rent a bigger place, because people almost have no money at all. Because of the long and frequent power cuts, church meetings often continue in the dark and without fans. That’s not easy when the heat is almost 130F! Poor child doesn’t mean stupid child. There are some very bright and smart kids out here. Together with you we can stop the curse of poverty, sickness and death. Please help us feed the children of the poor and send them to school by becoming our monthly partner.

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