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In 2007 thousands of Christians suffered persecutions in Orissa. They had to hide in the jungles, in danger from snakes, wild animals and malaria-carrying mosquitos. Many parents and their children died during that time. We have received a prophetic dream in the night to help children who lost their parents. When we brought the first children from the refugee camps, they had forgotten how to smile. When they saw food, they couldn’t stop eating until they threw up, but then they tried eating again. We got beds for them, but they hid under the beds to sleep. They didn’t know how old they were, and some of them even forgot their names. But great is our God, who wipes away our tears and gives us a hope and a future.

Now these boys are our joy! They study 3 languages: English, Hindi and their native language Oriya. They’ve become the best students in their school. They have several bicycles and it brings them so much fun. In the evenings, they sit on the floor Indian style and worship Jesus. They pray for each other and share the Word of God. We have built two separate houses, one for the girls and another one for the boys. These boys survived persecutions and they need our support. Join us in this life-changing project today.

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