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It was 1970 when God’s Love children’s home received the first poor and underprivileged boys from the nearby villages of Kerala. It was founded by a devoted Indian Christian and was operating for more than 40 years. During that time, it influenced the lives of thousands of children helping them to succeed in life and become teachers, accountants, pastors and bishops… When the year 2013 came, it brought some unforeseen difficulties and challenges with it. The children’s home was left without funding and the board of the home came to us for help. Kids were starving, but they still tried to play soccer. When we brought them candies, it was like a dream come true for them. They were so excited!

The kitchen is very old and has an open fire stove. There are almost no windows in bedrooms so it’s very dark inside. Children are sitting at old tables painted in blue many, many years ago. The house has a lot of old pictures on the walls from the people who were taking care of the home for the last half century. We felt like time froze here. Half a century is a serious age for a building: it is definitely ready for rehab. The house is located on a big piece of land and can accommodate up to 52 boys, but we have no financial resources to receive 12 more children. These children need your support. We invite you to become our monthly partner and join us in the miracle of changing lives today.

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