The House of Faith – Daycare Center for Underprivileged Children in Delhi


In 2015 we completed construction of the church building in this slum area. It’s unbelievable but even 30-year-old people here don’t know how to read and write because they never went to school. The Bible remains a closed book for them. Hindus worship cows, snakes, monkeys and people. They think that if you put black mascara on a child it will protect him from evil spirits. They are living in fear of a goddess of death, so they worship her. If the idol doesn’t answer the prayers, they leave it under a special sacred tree, and buy a new one.

Every day parents bring their children to the House of Faith. We provide free lunch for the children and give them free education. Once a month we gather all the parents for a special meeting. We help them to become better parents and share the Word of God with them. On Sundays, we have meetings for all ages. Every day this slum church is busy with activities, bringing the Word of God to hundreds of people and transforming the community. Not everyone can help 100 children, but everyone can help one child. We invite you to become our monthly partner and join us in the miracle of changing lives today.

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