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Just think about this, the Russian Synodal Bible is more than 150 years old. And every year the number of people who do not understand the old biblical text is growing. But the Bible is not a literary monument. We all agree that we must read the Bible and understand every word in it.

Therefore, our JESUS UNLTD mission began to work on a new expanded translation of the Bible, which we call The Easy Bible. Of course, we are not writing a new Bible. But we apply the linguistic knowledge that we have received in the educational institutions of St. Petersburg, India, and the United Kingdom. And we use the theological knowledge which we acquired at the University of Wales.

We went through Bible translation training. And we use special computer programs which help us do our job efficiently. These programs check each word against the original language in which it was written.

We apply the principles of Bible translation and compare the text with other Bible translations. And we check the most difficult verses with commentaries and turn to historical data. We also rely on common sense when faced with difficult verses. We ask ourselves the questions: “What is the meaning of the whole paragraph? And what does the whole chapter talk about? What words do we need to add to make the text easier to understand?”

As a result, we make a reconstruction of the old text, and the Bible comes to life for both believers and non-believers. For convenience, we have published Russian Synodal Translation side by side with The Easy Bible.

At the same time, our team of translators makes an extended translation of the Bible into 4 languages ​​- Russian, English (for Asia), Hindi and Burmese. Become a partner in this project so that the Bible can be understood by millions of people around the world. The Easy Bible is a project of the JESUS ​​UNLTD.

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