Changing Lives Together

Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us the Great Commission to bring the Word of Faith to all nations (Romans 1: 5). The Letter to the Hebrews, chapter 10, verse 38 declares that “the righteous one will live by faith,” and >>>

“Go and make disciples of all nations.” Probably every Christian knows these words of Christ written in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 28, verse 19. Jesus believed in education. He spent a lot of time preaching and teaching the people >>>

My Hope – Daycare Center for Underprivileged Children in Akrabad

This project was started in 2020 when India was quarantined during the covid pandemic. Yes, it’s a fact that 1.3 billion people did not go out for several months during quarantine. But no one considered how many poor people were >>>

Thank you for your support for this project. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the project leader became seriously ill and spent a week in a coma. After recovering, the pastor’s physical condition and weakness prevented him from continuing with this project, >>>


Who lives in the slums at the very bottom of society? Those who are brokenhearted and crushed. People living here are uneducated, rejected and poor. They have nothing to eat and nothing to wear. If they manage to get an >>>


Burma was under a military government control since 1962. No foreign activities were allowed in the country during that time. For 18 years we prayed for Burma and during that time we organized several Bible Schools for Burmese refugees who >>>


Deep in the mountains of Nepal, not far from the mountain of Everest, there live people who are called Bhotia or Tibetans. In 2015, we had a prophetic dream in which God showed us this nation. We are not mountain >>>


In 2015 we completed construction of the church building in this slum area. It’s unbelievable but even 30-year-old people here don’t know how to read and write because they never went to school. The Bible remains a closed book for >>>


It was 1970 when God’s Love children’s home received the first poor and underprivileged boys from the nearby villages of Kerala. It was founded by a devoted Indian Christian and was operating for more than 40 years. During that time, >>>


Welcome to The House of Life, an impactful project dedicated to rescuing and empowering boys who are victims of human sex trafficking in India. With your support, we are committed to providing a safe haven where these vulnerable children can >>>

The Salvation House – Rescue Center for Girls

Welcome to The Salvation House, a powerful initiative dedicated to combatting human sex trafficking and rescuing young girls from its clutches in India. Our mission is to stand as a beacon of hope for these vulnerable souls, providing them with >>>


In India, 30% of the population never attended school. Who are the illiterate? They are foreigners in their own country. Slum children can barely read because they finish only five grades. After that, they find low-paying jobs and take care >>>

Odisha Father’s House – Children’s Home for Girls

The anti-Christian persecution in Orissa lasted for almost a year. There were seven refugee camps where Christians were hiding from their persecutors, running away from angry mobs, rape and fire. Those who survived in the jungles now were in danger >>>

Odisha Father’s House – Children’s Home for Boys

In 2007 thousands of Christians suffered persecutions in Orissa. Christian families had to hide in the jungles, in danger from snakes, wild animals and malaria-carrying mosquitos. Many parents and their children died during that time.

We have received a prophetic >>>

Just think about this, the Russian Synodal Bible is more than 150 years old. And every year the number of people who do not understand the old biblical text is growing. But the Bible is not a literary monument. We >>>

Publish Your Book in Russian With Us

Super Knigi means Super Books in Russian. And this is what we are focused at – to publish and distribute the best books available for Russian-speaking Christians worldwide. Publish your book with us >>>